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Thank you for your interest in joining our team.We are the longest running cam site on the net! This means we have the Most Traffic! For you that means the Most Money! There is no exclusive contract and we have no minimum hours.You can log in and log out when ever you like. We are looking to add models that we can develop a relationship with for years to come. We have a totally transparent system allowing you to track your minutes and your money. your stats are updated after every private show.We offer one on one training,Video and Photo shoot free of charge ( local models only ) and Monthly contest prizes for models. We are always a phone call away! We are PC and MAC Compatible! You can also block out states and country's for privacy!

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Do Private Shows for your customers and earn per minute rates from them

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The Basics Of The Industry

There are about 120 girls live online at all times. There are no less than 4000 members online at all times that have joined the site and prepay for private or "nude show" minutes. When you log in for the first time and set up your profile you will have 15 to 20 members in your chat room with in a few minutes. When a member decides to he will click the button and take you to private chat.
Our average model spends 30 minutes or more in Private Chat every hour!!! We set you up as a 1099 independent contractor. We do not take out taxes. You will receive a weekly paycheck. The pay period is from Sunday midnight to Saturday at 5pm MST and Checks are mailed out on Friday. All you need is a computer, A cable or DSL Modem, and a web cam

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